Myths of MGTOW

MGTOW is a whole lot more than just the dumbest acronym you’ve ever heard of (pronounced ‘mig-tau’). It’s a fresh new take on misogyny where men avoid women in person while bashing them online. MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way,” which I’m guessing they had to use because MWPNTCAWBSATFTBATIOF (Men Who Pretend Not To Care About Women But Spend All Their Free Time Bitching About Them In Online Forums) was already taken.


I first learned of MGTOW, the Manosphere, and PUAHate last year when Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old virgin, shot and killed six people and injured 14 others in California because he was butt-hurt about not getting laid and was jealous of his college buddies who seemed to have an easier time with women.

Since then, I have been fascinated with this movement and have read countless Facebook posts, sneaked into forum discussions, and listened to dozens of faceless YouTube videos where these MGTOW guys ask you to “swallow the red pill” (thus, ruining The Matrix) and learn the truth about the world.

But when it comes to MGTOW, truth is in short supply.


Members of MGTOW would like you to believe that they are not hateful or angry, and that their choice to avoid women is based in logic. Their mantras go something like this:

  • The system is stacked against men, especially when it comes to child support, custody, and alimony.
  • There are no benefits to being with a woman, so why bother?
  • Pretty much all women are manipulative, disrespectful, gold-digging, (insert despicable stereotype here), etc. But it’s not their fault. That’s just how they are biologically, and you can’t change it.
  • MTGOW is a healthy celebration of men and men’s rights.

If MTGOW was truly about male empowerment and protecting/advancing men’s’ rights (and there are already great groups that genuinely do that), they would not need to spend so much time on the Internet putting women down.

Let’s face it, the moment that you say “all (insert entire race/religion/gender here) are (insert unflattering stereotype here), so let’s avoid them or treat them in a certain way,” you’re preaching hate.

It’s like the KKK. If you don’t care about other people seeing your browser history, go visit their website at They don’t sell themselves as a hate group either. They’re “The Knights Party.” Doesn’t that sound neat? Their slogan is “Bringing a Message of Hope and Deliverance to White Christian America! A Message of Love NOT Hate!” It’s just white pride, people. No hate to see here.

However, as a pasty-faced whitey from the Midwest who’s known and encountered her fair share of KKK members and sympathizers, I can tell you that they don’t spend hardly any time promoting white pride. They’re not trying to build statues to white heroes. You won’t see a guy in a white hood at the local fair trying humbly to sell you artisanal mayonnaise or a velvet Elvis (aka, the cuisine and artwork of his people). KKK members do not gyrate awkwardly in GAP stores trying to demonstrate native dances.

Nope. Because once you venture off the official website, KKK clearly spends their time putting down basically anyone who isn’t white, Christian, or straight. Of course, many KKK members still deny hate. For example, Daniel Carver, a former Grand Dragon of the KKK and a frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show, insists that he doesn’t hate black people. He just basically thinks of them as monkeys and lesser animals who are not human and cannot help their behaviors.

MGTOW has the exact same attitude towards women, only they’re not as savvy as the KKK, who at least avoids trash-talking on their website.


There are a few people in my life, both men and women, who completely suck at relationships. Everyone has at least one friend or relative who clearly suffers from psychological issues that prevent them from picking or keeping decent partners. That’s fine. Monogamy isn’t for everyone, marriage isn’t for everyone, and certainly having children isn’t for everyone.

A lot of men have been gong their own way for years, and I’m not even talking about the gay ones. Some even do it accidentally by getting into death metal or comic books in a big way. There are notable celebrities who avoid committed relationships with women – Henry Rollins and Bill Maher spring to mind. Choosing to restrict yourself from committed relationships is perfectly fine. Heck, you may be doing the world a great big favor.

But getting online and blasting 50+% of the population, accusing them of being domineering, selfish, or crazy, is not independence. It’s hate.

It’s worth noting that many of the younger MGTOW members are obviously hoping their new-found independence will somehow make them more desirable to chicks. What color is the ironic pill? Purple?

Spend time in their forums, and you will see some hilarious posts from men who clearly have no idea how to have normal relationships, and treat women like a bad drug addiction they need quit cold turkey. My favorite, was from a guy (let’s call him Bob) who went MGTOW for three years, decided he needed sex with a hot chick 12 years his junior, and then let her move in with him two days later. This girl likely had another boyfriend, which worried Bob, because he was pretty sure he was in love, having known this girl for nearly two weeks. Instead of advising Bob to see a shrink, or learn basic relationship pacing skills, his ever-supportive MGTOW pals all said things like, “See?!? That’s how ALL women are. Dump that slut immediately and stop being such a mangina!”

Which brings me to my next point…


MGTOW only cares about MGTOW men. If you are a guy who is kind to women, would maybe enjoy a committed relationship, or even *gasp* get married, they will call you a white knight or a mangina. A mangina is a “feminized, pussy-whipped loser who actively seeks a woman’s approval hoping he can get into her pants.”

White Knight


Let’s be clear. There is no MGTOW research institute. They don’t offer statistics or facts to back up any of their points. In fact, endorses the use of sweeping generalizations: “Generalizations are absolutely necessary in order to learn anything.”

Many MGTOW videos, like this recent one posted by Sandman actually urge their followers to ignore facts and statistics (they’re all a conspiracy in red pill world), and focus more on emotional experiences. If a woman did this, they would surely label her irrational and hysterical.

In my own personal experience, about 80% of the straight women I know earn more than their men, make as much as their men, or live on their own without a man’s financial support. If I were to make generalizations based on my own myopic experiences, I could boldly state that most men are slackers who don’t have as much to offer as women do. Do you want to see that web site? Of course you don’t. You know why? Because we all know that’s not true (I am a white knight for the men folk). Generalizations are completely useless and a good indication that the person relying on them has no idea what they’re talking about.

Here are the actual facts MGTOW would prefer to ignore or deny:

So rather than making false assumptions based on stereotypes and relying on generalizations of bitter men who hyperfocus on the negative female experiences they have in their life, allow me to reiterate the facts:

Women are breadwinners nearly half the time, despite the fact that they still do the majority of housework and child-rearing. They are becoming more educated, making higher wages, and like men, are becoming more inclined to stay unmarried.

It would seem women have already been going their own way for quite some time. So why are these guys so desperate to assert even more independence? Perhaps instead of extolling the virtues of swallowing red pills and valuing generalizations over facts, these MGTOW fellows should try to get more boys into college.


Of course it doesn’t.

It could. It could be a great champion for men’s rights, spotlighting male domestic abuse, and driving better educational opportunities for boys. Or it could act like an alcoholic support group where members share their best tricks to abstain from something they can’t handle. This is a good example, because you don’t see alcoholics just sitting around and insulting liquor – they realize the problem lies within themselves. But MGTOW members, like all people who don’t accept their own role in failed relationship patterns, will never grow into anything but resentful, and maybe even violent.

If MGTOW started out with good intentions, it has now certainly devolved into a movement of extremely angry men set out to alienate anyone who does not believe what they do. They just rant about terrible women and the men who love them. Just like Elliot Rodgers.

Unfortunately, the one truth that MGTOW leaders get right is that this is a growing movement. Since 2009, MGTOW organizations have grown tremendously, as have their online presence.

I shudder to think what impact this movement will have in the future.

I prefer to remember the good ole’ days before the Internet. Back then, if you had bad experiences in life, you would share them with immediate friends and family members, most of whom would provide diverse perspectives derived from their very different experiences. Eventually, you would get over yourself and rejoin society, hopefully learning from your mistakes.

But now, you can take your negative experiences, share them exclusively with others who share those same experiences, making new friends who offer no differing viewpoints and can only pile on the animosity. No healing or growth takes place. Just venting to the point of isolation from normal society and spending all your time online with people who can’t help you keep your inner asshole in check.

And we all need people to help keep our inner assholes in check.

Even me.


Hand me a blue pill.


58 thoughts on “Myths of MGTOW

  1. Fantastic takedown of those bozos, though I warn you, they might come swarming in here to defend their ideology if they catch wind of this post. On that note, though, could I repost this to some of the anti-“manosphere” forums I frequent? My friends would get a kick out of this.


      • murph says:

        It figures! Another woman who ghinks she knows someghing!! You should take your own advice and do some research instead of looking at the new men in mgtow and spewing out the uninformed crap you posted above!
        Of course they go on about women!! The lot of them have been severely injured in some fashion (emotional, financial ,trust issues, children, who really belong to the father) by someone they loved and who claimed to love them!! It always amazes me how women can ignore anything that doesn’t support her position. You stated the truth in #1 above..even though you can’t see it yourself.
        And since when would a women know anything about logic?! I know!
        That’s misogynistic! Well, no! It’s not! It. is. the. Truth! oh yeah! Truth is lost on you because it doesn’t support your argument! Sorry! My bad!! But you see..There is no such thing as misogyny! ! I know plenty of men wHo are angry with women..but that’s about the woman’s behavior! Not hatred for women! (I can honestly say I don’t know a man who hates women! Most of them would still jump in front of a bus for you!) Misandry though is rampant!! Take a look at any university or college campus and the way they treat men..rape culture.. trying to downplay false accusations of rape by claiming they represent only 2% of all reported rapes..trying to inhibit the man’s defense in favor of the woman by denying him legal counsel and trying to limit his right to speak!
        The justice system is ripe with gender bias! Don’t think so? Try going through divorce/family court in our shoes! Half, if not as much as 90 percent of all property goes to the woman..worse if there are kids!
        I haven’t even mentioned how men and boys are portrayed in the media!
        Take heart though! The anger gives way to indifference! Which is loves opposite, not hate! (If someone claims to hate you, it’s because you still mean something to them. They still care!!!) I went my own way in the mid 80’s! Never been married! Came close once but dodged the bullet! Could not be happier! Several married friends! One is 60! Looks like he’s 80. The others complain all the time!
        I hate to burst your bubble, but this ideology is going to turn society upside down! It is already causing sever stress to the Japan government by way of the herbivore men!
        Take your head out of your nether region and look at the truth! And quit listing to feminists!

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  2. Drew says:

    I don’t consider myself an mgtow. I do however read and listen to what these people have to say and in my opinion they have some very good points.

    Yes, some of them are filled with hate or disdain and yes it is obvious that if they really didn’t care about women they wouldn’t spend as much energy complaining about them.

    But still, their original idea of men turning away from society and women still rings of truth.
    You speak of statistics and research, I found this pretty informative: which is based on many sources, most important of which might be: where it says: “Men and women’s attitudes about marrying for the first time are not different among young adults. But among never-married adults ages 30 to 50, men (27%) are more likely than women (8%) to say they do not want to marry.”

    That is a -lot- of men turning down marriage and most of them will never post anything about it online so you will never hear from them. Those might be the true mgtows, the ones who do not even talk about their decision not to engage. This is not a healthy development in our culture, so I would think it be wiser to listen to the real issues mgtows do have instead of making fun of them, even if some of them are filled with hurt and hate.

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    • Tactical Tejano says:

      In the same boat as you I find, Drew. I don’t consider myself a full MGTOW, but I am definitely am taking what they say seriously and with gravity. The truth I think lies somewhere in the middle. I believe the anger on both sides of the genders is primarily a result of a widening rift.

      Listening to Sandman helped me realized I was in an emotionally abusive LTR where I and my young daughter were getting ****ed over. If MGTOW helped me, it will likely help a lot of guys lost in this society that is drunk on feminist fascism that has basically us men constantly in the cross hairs backed by the full power of law enforcement, courts, and the state.

      If one ignores the hate commentary, it explains a lot of things for men regarding relationships, women’s evolutionary behavior, social issues, that are simply confusing without MGTOW analysis.

      The main reason I wanted to post was this line: “they would not need to spend so much time on the Internet putting women down”.

      I actually have a theory regarding this. Women have no clue how much men get retarded for women’s wiles. We will jump right out of a burning frying pan, and jump into another one if the two frying pans are women. I mean women might have a clue, but they have no clue what it feels like on a man’s level. It’s almost like hunger pains but instead of your stomach its your crotch.

      Men tend to need and use rage to push themselves just like lifting weights and you have to finish your set. Sometimes you have to hate the inanimate object in your mind and tell it “YOUR NOTHING” to get discipline, and lift it. So the female bashing isn’t personal I think. It’s a function of self discipline.

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  3. JD says:

    The thing is anything you say about women that sounds negative is going to be labeled as hateful and misogynistic. For example if I were to say that in general the more sexual partners women have before marriage the less happy they’ll be and be more likely to divorce, is that hateful and misogynistic even if it’s true? (page 18 & 20 In the manoshpere you’ll see terms like “slut” and “rides the cock carousel”, which I admit is loaded language, but regardless of language used or evidence behind the idea it will always be called misogyny.

    The men of MGTOW have figured out there’s no way to win. It’s closer to an economic reaction than it is a movement. Using ridiculous logic equating MGTOW to the KKK isn’t going to accomplish anything. Your shaming language won’t work. We’re used to it.

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    • Please do not pee on my leg and tell me that it’s raining. I know the difference between pointing out negative facts and being hateful/misogynistic. It’s actually very hard to find facts or stats on MGTOW sites, because it’s mostly about women bashing. Perhaps this little quiz will help clear things up:

      Q: What is the frequently used term MGTOW men use to describe decent women who are not conniving?
      A: “Unicorns,” as in, they don’t really exist.

      Q: Since MGTOW is more of an “economic reaction,” how often do you see posts like this?
      “Women are perfectly fine and wonderful – I genuinely love them. Despite the fact that most women are financially independent (, that prenuptial agreements exist, and that, as a grown man I can choose what I spend my money on, I refuse to enter into a committed relationship with a woman because money, money, money.”
      A: Never.

      Q: When female supporters of MGTOW sprout up, such as WGTOW or the Red Pill Women of Reddit, what is the typical MGTOW response?
      A: One or two men will say something along the lines of “Give em’ a chance,” followed by dozens of MGTOWs posting things like “The nature of the monstrous female beasts that we’ve all been stuck with won’t change over night or over decades,” or “No point. Like everything else comprised of cunts, it will eat itself.” As in: or

      Q: Which one of the following posts would most rational people consider to be hateful or misogynistic?

      4. All of the above.

      A: 4

      Q: How many logical facts are presented in the above links?
      A: Zero. It’s all angry ranting.

      Q: How long did it take me to find these links?
      A: About three minutes. Posts like these are all over MGTOW.

      Q: Is MGTOW easy to shame because it’s unfairly persecuted?
      A: No. It’s easy to shame, because MGTOW men often behave shamefully.


      • JD says:

        “That prenuptial agreements exist”, lets start there since that kind of gets to the crux of MGTOW. They exist, and they can be thrown out. John Cleese signed a prenup in England that was thrown out in the California court. His former spouse of 16 years got more than half of his fortune. Of course being able to keep 14 out of your 32 million dollar fortune isn’t the worse that can happen. David Foley’s child support was calculated at the apex of his career. The courts wouldn’t lower it when the TV show he was starring in was canceled. He can’t pay the $500,000+ in back child support, is effectively exiled from Canada, and probably won’t ever see his kids again till they’re adults. Of course the worse situation is if you are poor like Walter Scott. He was that unarmed black man shot by a police officer (officer was charged with murder). He had a warrant out for $18,000 back child support (owed to the state since the mother was collecting welfare). His support was calculated based on the median income in his area. He couldn’t afford it, fell behind, and kept losing jobs because was constantly thrown in jail for 2 weeks at a time. He never had a prayer of making a good life for himself. So what’s my point? While MGTOW doesn’t have a rigid definition, not getting married is a minimum qualification. Prenups aren’t a guarantee, and even you they were an ex wife can legally take away her spouses children and raise them to hate the father. Some marriages last, some or maybe even most divorces are cordial. But the bottom line is getting married to or having children with a woman is like handing her a loaded gun and trusting her never to pull the trigger. MGTOW shows men they can live happy, fulfilling lives without validation from women.

        I won’t address the videos, just that forum post. There is no nice way to say American women are of lower quality relationship material than other women. Not every post in MGTOW-esque forums is going to have cited evidence. Some of it’s just going to be observation. And some of it is going to be angry rants. Yes, there are a lot angry MGTOW men if you look for them. But that’s OK, anger it’s a natural process and essential for grieving and recovery. A Red Pill Woman moderator explains it better than I could [If I were to say “don’t be so angry” to someone who comes here to say “all women are bitches and whores”, then I would be interrupting his process of coming to terms with the loss of his illusions. It would be far better for me to tell him that his feelings are important (because feels actually sometimes are important), and that his anger is not bottomless, and that it will eventually run dry…Even if I am (mostly) over my own anger, understanding other men’s anger helps me, because it teaches me more about where the disconnect between reality and our expectations occurs.]

        “It could be a great champion for men’s rights, spotlighting male domestic abuse…” If someone were to try and do that it would make them and MRA. And this is what happens when MRAs try to gather and discuss issues (not necessarily the fire alarm, but angry protest and boycott threats everywhere they go). MGTOW understands the futility of fighting the system or trying to changing people. They focus only on themselves.

        “…because you don’t see alcoholics just sitting around and insulting liquor – they realize the problem lies within themselves” – Society has been shaming men for their masculinity their whole live. Men who discover MGTOW (hopefully) realize there is nothing wrong with them.

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      • Hilarious! says:

        Their cult prey on the ignorant and socially stunted with emotional rethoric, pseudo-science and a pretence of self-improvement.


    • Hilarious! says:

      “For example if I were to say that in general the more sexual partners women have before marriage the less happy they’ll be and be more likely to divorce, is that hateful and misogynistic even if it’s true?”

      Yeah, from the Heritage Foundation aka the guys who took credit for the Bush administration policies, an even bigger joke than the federal governement.

      Also, married men lives longer because a man who is morbidly overweight for example, is much less likely to be married in the first place.
      Limit the study to men who are healthy before getting married, then the results will likely be different.


  4. You are a stone-cold idiot. Underestimating the MGTOW movement is whistling in the dark. It’s here and it’s working. I have more money left over in life and I enjoy it more than ever because I’ve prioritized women to the waste of time that their are. I just don’t necessarily tell them, I’m MGTOW; its sorta like making a racist think you’re his friend as he tells his real swhen he starts to trust you. Nope, women are played out and the stats prove it….

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  5. michael says:

    I was married for 9 years, 38 years ago. That marriage had cost me; 1 house, 1 job and 1 very important dream. It has also cost me $400K (and counting) in life time alimony. Our marriage costs her $0 per month. My payments to her include a spotless child support and alimony record. I pay because I have a penis, she pays nothing because she has a vagina. These things are not myths nor figments of my imagination.

    This is what feminism guided women think is fair. Well, I learned to not only survive but thrive without women. I’m 58 years old in very reasonable shape (can still ride my bicycle 100 miles in 1/2 day), in college to learn new skills, months into learning a new language, still have a full head of hair and have gotten started on my ‘bucket list’ about 30 years early because I no longer finance silly female whims. I’m not bitter, just smarter

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  6. KTR says:

    Thanks from MGTOW for the free advertising. All press is good press! And your clueless observations of MGTOW prove that the “idea” is working, because it causes your little hamster wheel brain spinning.

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  7. Cap285 says:

    Another entitled, clueless twat.

    Get back to us after you’ve had you’re wallet and 401k ripped through your ass.

    Get back to us when you lose your house.

    Get back to us when you have to pay fucktons of child support.

    Get back to us when you have to approach men, be entertaining and pay for it for the pleasure of our company.

    No shit you want a blue pill, you’re on the fucking gravy train.

    You know not of what you speak.


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    • Actually I know very well of what I speak, because as it turns out, we live in the 21st century.

      I’ve out-earned pretty much every man I’ve ever been with or dated. In my dating history, I’ve picked up the majority of the tabs. There are MANY men out there who have “mommy complexes” that want their women to not only cook their meals, but pay for everything, and there are a whole lot of broke-ass, triflin’ guys out there.

      I survived a messy divorce where I lost the house and all my furniture, I lost two of my retirement accounts, and then I got rammed for alimony even though I bought the guy a car, paid his attorney fees, and paid for many of my ex’s student loan payments (even though he graduated before our wedding) in a futile attempt to end his harassment.

      The divorce was (is – four years later and I’m still paying for it) really expensive. And totally worth it.

      Because I am successful in my career, I can rebuild. Because I am a grown up, I can go on to love other men without ranting online like a lunatic about our “patriarchal society.” I understand that everyone, male or female, is different. So if ever I get married again, I will marry a man who’s more on my level. Someone I can trust; someone’s who’s more compatible.

      Perhaps another clueless twat with whom I can share my sense of entitlement, together in a loving bond. ❤


  8. Greetings says:

    This article is complete nonsense. The MGTOW lifestyle literally saves lives. Women are a complete waste of time. The anger you see on the forums merely a human expression of anger for what the system has done to them. The reason why you can’t find facts is because you are not opening yours to look. Most of the men on these sites have extensive knowledge on marriage and why it really is a bad deal for men. The health argument you stated doesn’t justify marriage at all. You can be healthy without women. These days women don’t even cook so who needs them? Haha funny how you had to resort to trivial correlations of marriage to health to antagonize mgtow instead of just listing benefits of marriage to show what their missing out on. All you do is attack the way they respond not the reason they respond. The forums are there to share experiences and learn from each others mistakes. Rage is a part of that comraderie and development of ideas. Mgtow is the way to go for men. The marriage strike proves this. It’s great that women are learning and earning more. Less for men to deal with and handle.

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  9. In the future if you have question …. ASK and stay out of the forums. You’re not smart enough. You may use the contact form. It’s not pronounced “‘mig-tau’” it’s pronounced “Men Going Their Own Way”. MenGoingTheirOwnWay may call it MGTOW or “mig-tau” or “mig-toe” …. but YOU may only call it “MenGoingTheir OwnWay” and nothing else.

    Especially a “hate group” of “misogynists”.

    It’s too easy to disprove you because MenGoingTheirOwnWay all treat women much better than they deserve. You will never see a MGHOW knock the cappuccino out of a woman’s hand, set her hair on fire, key her car or spit in her face as she passes – just because she is female. That would be called “hating women”. You will never see a MGHOW stick his finger down a woman’s throat to get her to lose weight, but countless women do that to themselves.

    That’s right honey, WOMEN are the original and TRUE misogynists. You girls hate yourselves and each other like a deer hates a shotgun.

    And nobody hates women more than YOU. You will actually try to CULTIVATE your own hatred by going where you are not welcome or invited and you know it. Then you attempt to STIR UP hatred and then point a finger at it…. just to get your core beliefs system validated.

    ‘What a colossal failure.
    You want to see a hate group?? / images / misc / heightism / 1 .jpg
    (remove the spaces)

    THATS” your “hate group” —>> WOMEN.

    No MGTOW or group of MGTOW ever tweeted that kind of sick mentally disturbed hatred recommending women suicide themselves. Ever. And we have 25 pages more exactly where that came from . You will NEVER see any such thing from anyone other than WOMEN.

    You are the most HATEFUL and MENTALLY SICK HATEFUL class of human toilet scum ever to walk the face of the Earth.

    Have a pleasant evening.

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    • KeyMaster? Is that you?

      I’m not smart enough to fake an over-the-top “she fucked me over” story, liberally add the word “cunt,” to my posts, and get a whole bunch of likes from your members who will desperately believe any asinine story I feed them in an attempt to validate their unwarranted hatred of women? Well honey, history has proven otherwise.

      But okay then, here’s a question for you: Why is it that you have such a masterfully produced website (and it really is spectacular – kudos) with absolutely no screening system?

      For various articles and research, I’ve signed up for other major forums where they wanted to give their members a safe place to vent, and this usually requires a phone call validation. A great deterrent.

      Heck I’ve been spotted and kicked out of rollercoaster forums, places where members simply discuss pro and cons of amusement park rides.

      So why haven’t any of your legit MGTOW members been able to sniff out by my completely obvious horse shit? I’ve actually tried to get caught, saying to myself “oh, they’ll never believe this one.” But they did. Every. Single. Time.

      Why aren’t you protecting your members from assholes like me?


      • Don’t know what you’re talking about. Just punted another cunt today. We don’t have to screen. We can just charge members $5 and that will keep you out….. because you would never hand over your credit card information just to be a belligerent intrusive miserable twat who needs to cultivate her own “hatred”. Problem solved. Women are the cheapest creatures on Earth. We can permanently eliminate you based on that alone.

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  10. Greetings from the great cuntry of Romania. We, the MGTOW, wish to thank you for sending free traffic our way. Why do you sound so angry and bitter? Lighten up. Life’s too short. You’re too fat.


  11. Mgtowned says:

    That little rant took me back in a time machine to 1984, your shaming tactics to control mgtow and impose your totalitarian vision of the future are hilariously predictable. You’re just too dumb to realise it. Thanks for the free advertising though. Genius.

    You might want to do some research into Cybernetics and the law of requisite variety and then you might understand what’s really happening. I’m sorry I don’t have something with more pictures that would be more your intellectual level, but maybe you could get someone to read this to you and convert it into a Janet and John picture format for you so you can understand:

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  12. Also, can I just say thank you, to all the MGTOW men who must have cancelled their busy Saturday nights to make all these comments while I was out getting laid and having fun. It’s good to know there are still lonely guys by their computers who have nothing better to do on date night than to acknowledge this minor hobby article I crapped out months ago on a day when I was bored.


    • We produce award winning spectacular websites (by your own admission above) that rank in the top 0.5% – 2% worldwide. Weekends are busy. Comparatively yours is a piece of shit. uncouthmarie . wordpress . com ranks 14.5 millionth in the world. “Getting laid” laying back and being no more than an insgnificant sperm dump is THE BEST you’re ever gonna do. Congratulations.

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    • Elvis says:

      Actually, Saturday I was on a camping trip with a friend. I believe you kind of miss the point here: alot of us don’t date as we get no or only minor benefits from it (yes, an orgasm is indeed a minor benefit). At my age (35+) it’s not hard to get sex if that was a priority as there are plenty of women desperate beyond all reason due to The biological clock, however I believe even you can see The risks involved in engaging in intercourse with such creatures?

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      • I totally understand that. It’s your body, time, and preferences for relationships. A lot of men are somehow able to manage this without saying disparaging things about women all day, or without flooding emails of bloggers with disturbing over the weekend. Hope you enjoyed your camping trip 🙂


  13. Nah. This is just a hobby site that I fuck around with on occasion. I have already accomplished many great things in my life, and the best it yet to come. Heck, I’ve figured out how to have a tremendous career, a robust savings account, AND romantic love. Nifty, huh?

    “Women are the cheapest creatures on Earth?” Seriously? Have you ever met a women? In fact, isn’t that one of the most common complaints among the men on your site, is that we spend too much money? Rest assured, $5 would not deter me.


    • Yeah seriously. If a drink is $6.25 , any bartender can tell you a woman will always peel at least one quarter off the bar. A man would never do that. He may even throw down an extra dollar or two for a tip. A woman never will – even if she thinks he’s cute and said so. She will even flirt with him and expect a drink for free.

      And yes, you would pay $50 a month to behave like a cunt and cultivate your own hatred. You need that more than anything. It gives you a sick and creamy satisfaction. You intentionally behave like a cunt and then pretend to have a problem with people who talk about how women are cunts. But that’s how you get off. It’s worth more to you than a positive interaction with men.

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      • Pretty much all my interactions with men (this article excluded) have been positive, because most modern men are decent, rational people who would never be simple enough to think, let alone say “all women are such and such…” Every human being is different. It’s not about NAWALT. It’s about “pretty much no women are like that.”

        But your silly stories about women are too funny. Women don’t steal tips from bartenders. The way you describe women as if they are all crazy Batman villains just proves the points made in the article about how MGTOW has nothing to do with truth, and everything to do with the insanity that comes from spending too much time venting with like-minded, angry/hurt people on the Internet who make up stories. Heck, I go on your site and make up stories you and all your friends cling to. Perhaps I was the bartender in question. But at a certain point, venting becomes hate, and no one benefits.

        I love men, and I really love the word “cunt.” If you research the word’s etymology, there are some remarkable origin stories there. “Cunt” is the equal to “cock,” and not divided off with it’s own flowery word. So calling a woman a cunt is like calling a woman your equal. So thanks 🙂

        And on that friendly note, I am ending this conversation. Internet hate rages serve no useful purpose, as I am sure history will note if it ever bothers to look back at MGTOW.


    • Cap285 says:

      What did I say? Oh, yes. Typical, entitled twat. Or something or other.

      Why? Brag about your ‘accomplishments’, ‘career’, money AND how romantic your life is! Where have I heard this before? From every other woman on the Internet.


      It’s what talks like this usually degrade to when you realize your argument is shit. Damn near every woman does it. Your ‘accomplishments’ have zero relevance to the topic.

      MGTOW: “Women are mostly a waste of time besides sex. Approach with caution and watch your money.”


      Uh. Yeah.

      Let’s see:

      1. Stir up hornets nest
      2. Get ass handed to you
      3. Retreat to safety of your rat hole
      4. Get ass handed to you some more
      5. Use years old ‘arguments’ and insults that every other woman online has used

      You have a vagina and there is group of men who have put it on the back burner. Your gears lock up, the hamster goes to warp 9.9 and you talk about a topic you nothing about. Can’t have the free shit stop for you and your single friends. Then you might have to work at something for once in your life. In the end, MGTOW means less material shit for you and we can’t have that. Didn’t you just say women aren’t cheap? Makes sense.

      But women are cheap when it comes to things not for them and them alone. At dinner, guys all throw in a $20 even if they owe $10 and don’t expect change back. Women? Out come the pocket calculators. They buy cheap, useless gifts and I don’t remember the last time a woman bought a round of drinks.

      Have we ever met a woman? Really? It’s the constant interaction that proves our theories.


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      • Wow dude. You left seven messages for me tonight that I won’t even publish. I’m not stopping these conversations because I think I’m wrong or that I think you’re sane. It’s called time management. I actually have a life beyond the Internet and would like to get back to it. So please stop obsessing over who’s using my vagina or how frequently, and what my life must be like, or assuming I drink box wine (wait-why?), or how much women spend on what. These conversations have grown bizarre and meaningless, and have taken on weird dimensions, because apparently now you guys fear women digging through dumpsters to get to your sperm?

        If you REALLY go your own way, then just fucking go your own way and live your life. You know why I haven’t made guesses or stereotypes about the quality of your dick, your weight, your career, what you drink, or how much you tip bartenders (as people have guessed about me in these various comments)? – BECAUSE I DON’T FREAKIN’ CARE. You don’t matter to me.

        And it’s not like I can engage in a fruitful “spirited debate” with you because, as I am a woman, you will never consider any argument I make to be valid. As a woman I am both cheap and a spendthrift. I rely on men for my money, and when I tell you I don’t (and mean it), I’m a typical female braggart. You hate women and will believe any bad thing about them, so why waste one more second arguing with you?

        There are MGTOW men who have left comments that are rational and strive to actually create some sort of dialog that could result in me better understanding NGTOW. Perhaps MGTOW can actually be a meaningful movement that improves relationships between the genders. But guys like you who just insult women all day hurt your cause and make MGTOW seem like a hate group. Herbivore men of Japan seem to go their own way without screaming the word “cunt” at women all day. Why can’t you guys?

        Have a pleasant evening. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Now go your own way.


      • blabadiuser says:

        Bitch you don’t get to pretend you “have a life” or that you are “rational” or are capable of “better understanding” your a goddamn piece of shirt worthless fat fraud – with no life – and everybody knows it. Nobody else needs to “bosses over your vagina” when YOU TWEET ABOUT IT . You’re a mentally sick fucking pig.


  14. Now it’s the old: “I have a life besides the Internet” and “It’s just a hobby” schtick. Then why are you still here? Why is it a hobby for you but makes everyone else a ‘loser’? Your female that’s why. You all have a mental illness that makes you completely blind to your double standards and hypocrisy.

    Actually, we are going your own way until KeyMaster locked his weapons on to you and exposed you for what you did. Poking a hornets nest then sitting around with your thumb up your ass wondering why you have red welts all over you. Most of learned not to fuck with hornets at the age of 5.

    It’s not a movement you fucking dope. It’s a way of life. We seek no political power nor to change any laws. Like a said earlier, you know not of what you speak. Like most other women, you did a small amount of research and then granted yourself expert status. I bet you could google search the Beretta 92FS and lecture me on it despite the fact I’m a distinguished expert from military training.

    I’ll say what I wish. I’ll use whatever language I wish. Why does it matter anyway? Anything said about women that is even remotely negative about women has fucktards like you coming out of the woodwork crying ‘misogyny’ and ‘hate’. Put on your big girl panties and shut the fuck up. Or press the ‘back’ button on your browser, that represents freedom of choice dingus.

    I don’t hate women. See above. KeyMaster explained that as well yet your lizard brain has yet to process this. Hating requires effort, effort you are not worth. It’s like he said, if we did hate you, we WOULD be slapping those fruity coffees out of your hands and bashing your headlights with Louisville Sluggers. Do you honestly think you’re worth the ensuing legal charges? Get the fuck over yourself.

    Spirited debate? Yeah. Just like your ‘facts’ about how women are better drivers, do most of the housework and do better in college? Women drive away from the pump with the nozzle still in the car. Women don’t even cook or do housework anymore. You just plain lied. College? Women’s studies? Liberal Arts? Big fucking deal. Hard sciences? Math? Men. Besides, what male in his right mind would go to college as he’ll get accused of rape the minute he walks on campus. Rig the game and claim victory. You must be proud of yourself. Spirited debate. With you still in Disney princess land. Sure. Women DO dig through trash for sperm. You, like most other women, won’t look in the mirror for the problem.

    Go fuck yourself. Fuck your future endeavors. I will go my own way. None of this would have happened if you put the stick down and didn’t piss the hornets off. Stupid.

    Oh, and if Patrick Kane gets fired, we’re going to have a serious problem.


  15. jo bobb says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA this is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Clearly the author has not realized that MGTOW needs no defense, you can yell and scream all day long about the world changing around you but the matriarchy is on the decline.


  16. canadasportsfan says:

    You can say MGTOW is full of shit all you like, however everything I’m reading there has an underlying truth to it. I have yet to see compelling evidence that Marriage + kids is a happy situation for the majority of men.

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    • I would never claim such a thing. Everybody should make the life choices that best suit their needs. My problem with MTGOW is the constant woman-bashing and hateful rhetoric. A lot of women and men are gong their own way – society is clearly shifting. Many men go their own way while being genuinely kind and respectful to women, but the overwhelming tone of current MGTOW forums and YouTube channels are extremely vicious towards women in general.

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      • blabadiuser says:

        Yes that’s because “women in general” behave EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO EVIDENCE – in the overwhelming majority. Got a problem with it? Prove that it’s wrong, you can’t. because most women are “like that” and the video shows it. Got a problem with it? GOOD. Take it up with THEM. It’s game over for bitches like you. You’re fucking done.


      • What you are hearing when some men complain about women is probably what you’re taught to interpret after 30 years of feminism that determine any critique, of women, however forceful, or not, is woman-bashing. The forum for a lot of what you call woman-bashing is informal, not journalistic and the consensus of most of those men is part of communicating shared experiences with others whose similar experiences with some women correlate. Unlike most western women, there are no daytime talk shows devoted to serious men’s issues, from men’s perspectives where critical examination of feminism and women’s occasional less laudable behavior is examined.

        But what can you expect from MGTOW when at every turn most women preemptively characterize them as losers, pathetic, immature childish, basement dwellers and neckbeards, except some pushback that comes off as hateful rhetoric. Ask yourself, what public forum in media or otherwise advises women in a direct manner to be kind and respectful to men? If you’re honest, the answer is none.

        Feminists keep telling men that we should be free to express our emotions, then openly condemn us if the emotions expressed aren’t emotions they sanction. Meanwhile the mainstreaming of hateful rhetoric coming from women towards men is never addressed by other women and in fact in general terms is supported, encouraged and applauded. There are no T-Shirts coming from MGTOW with words equivalent to “I Bathe in Rape Victim’s Tears” and you don’t hear MGTOWs say “oh it’s ironic to protest gynocentricism. Yet popular feminists are never taken to task for promoting hateful rhetoric about men in the same manner as men are condemned for even expressing any disagreement with how they are treated by some women. At a certain point, even a loyal dog, when kicked enough will bite back. However when the dog bites back, the kicker that was bitten quickly and conveniently overlooks what led to the dog finally biting back and instead focuses on how evil the dog is for biting at all.


  17. You say you don’t care but you keep responding. Typical female character trait #1 – lying

    You had to bring up that you were out “getting laid” used in a clear context indicating that because men have 15 minutes to respond to your post, theycant (and relax sweetheart, there will always be a guy drunk enough to pick up fatties during last call – drop us a line when you manage commitment). Typical female character trait #2 – unfactual shaming tactics.

    You sit here bragging about “your wealth and success” (which I personally call bullshit on…. Same principle as the guy who needs to constantly brag about his giant manhood) when you are losing at the debate on hand. Typical female character trait #3 – deflecting.

    I could go on but enough has already been said. Your actions validate what MGTOW says all the time so thank you – you are giving us some fantastic free advertising. Stay mad because you can’t get married. Have a good one.


  18. Why do you not reply to the comments that give reasoning to thing, and just reply to the ones you think you can get a +1 on by giving some half-assed “witty” remark? Nice going on being a hypocrite throughout the whole post though. Do you not realize that MGTOW is basically saying that you are able to live a good/better life without marriage. You make it seem as anyone who is MGTOW is a woman hater. When in reality, it’s just a man who has realized the fact that they are better of without women. Marriage does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for men, and in fact, benefits only women. They then pounce on this opportunity to screw men over, which is a fact that if you fail to see you are just being a hypocrite. There are facts everyone and people love being ignorant about certain things when they don’t want to accept stuff.

    Something else to note is that you say that MGTOW just generalize every single woman based off of one experience. Do you realize that this is a collective group of men who have experiences from all over? Many of the men have even had multiple women before realizing their mistakes with them, so it’s not really generalizing. All of this hold way more weight than you using personal experience for evidence having payed for multiple dates, having gone through divorce, etc. Unless you are trying to say that a male collective < your own experience

    There is obviously good information and real discussion within the MGTOW community, and you just cherry picked certain posts, and took them out of context to fuel this contempt filled blog post. You are basically the type of woman that isn't able to reply with logic, but use nothing but hypocrisy and man hating ideals to fuel your thoughts. One of your posts, summed up, said that MGTOW's are basically basement dwellers who aren't able to have a good time and you are basically better than them since you were out "having fun and getting laid". Which is funny because if you actually had gone through the MGTOW site you would see from the forums a bunch of different sub forms that had men expressing their joy and the adventures and all the other shit they do in their life. As to the not getting laid part… do you know a lot of MGTOW's come from divorces, unless you think that the vag is supposed to be some sort of prize for the poor cuck's never having experienced it due to the fact that they weren't good enough for it? Which is the mentality of a lot of women.

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    • blabadiuser says:

      One thing this clueless bitch doesn’t even get …
      you know who’s REALLY “not getting laid”?


      They are the ones “not getting laid”. Paternity Fraud / DNA test results prove it. And Maury Povich made a fucking TV career out of it. So if these women aren’t fucking their boyfriends and husbands who the hell are they fucking?

      MGTOW. That’s who.

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  19. I’ve been GMOW for almost twenty years. I’ve never been married. I can cook and bake better than any women I’ve ever met.
    My home is perfect, clean with high end minimalist decor and probably would make a woman’s jaw drop in amazement if I allowed her to see it. But i won’t; ever. I simply don’t trust women. I suppose it might have started during high school and continued through college years and on into the working world. I’m not going into detail why; but let’s just say I’ve learned from experience. Will I continue to work hard every day and live a richly designed life, travel, enjoy many experiences …yet do all these things without a significant other at my side? Yup, very likely. Any attraction I may have for a specific woman is completely squashed by the knowledge that if I let her into my life; I will likely loose everything and end up replacing the quiet beauty of my current existence with the inevitable gnashing of teeth as she rakes me over the coals both financially and emotionally. I used to dream of falling in love with one woman and staying true to her forever ..treating her with respect, absolute kindness and giving my life for her. I now realize that I was just a fool to dream that dream as no woman would ..or ever will reciprocate. I was MGTOW before the name ever existed. Life is good.


  20. bendfv says:

    Well I consider my self a MGTOW, and I first want to note that I do read the other side to get a full unbais picture, hence why I’m here.

    Yes many MGTOW are hatefilled, as they feel burn and cheating in life by society and by women. Consider that many feminist express the Poisoned M&M rule, that it may be true not all men are bad, but like a bowl of M&Ms in which some of them are poisonous: they are too dangerous to try even one. We MGTOW simply take the same rule and reverse the genders.

    And yes women are doing more of the work and raising the kids, my final girlfriend for example is a single mother fully paying her way with 2 kids, that a lot of work and I wish her the best. By all means yes women should do the work, be independent. All we MGTOW are saying is that we men no longer need to be your bread winners, no longer need to provide for you or care for you, you can care for yourselves.

    You cite a meta-meta-study, really a post by St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center that cites actual studies that marriage extend male lifespans, says nothing about life fulfillment. I much rather live a shorten life dying in say a sky diving accident then live into my 80’s cleaning out the winkles of my unlucid with senility wife after she has soiled her self, like my grandfather.

    No MGTOW is not about blaming women for all our problems, like an alcoholic that blames the alcohol as you say. Watching and reading many MGTOW videos and post we often start by examining our own emotional and instinctive urges as a weakness of us men, that controlling our sexual desire is fundamental to achieve happiness in life and to not be used. Its not women’s fault they want men to protect and provide, that they want men to “die for them”, that we must jump all the hoops of their desires to get in their pants, that is just instinct: women that were picky and could manipulate men bred the best. Men that would do anything for sex, bred the best, hence our instincts. Our instincts though are archaic and unfit for the modern world, only through self control, will power and remolding of our own minds can we achieve happiness and be content in these modern time. We won’t be “going the way of Elliot Rogers” if we have controlled and dissipated our desires for women. Let me try to alleviate those instinctive fears:

    If you want to see what the future holds look at japan, ~50% of their male population between the ages of 18-45 have become “herbivore men” (
    and yet japan has a tiny rape rate compared to the USA (,000_-_country_comparison_-_United_Nations_2012.png). All those men have diverted their sexual energies into porn, anime, and sex toys. The result is that the japanese women of the most recent generation, if they manage to breed at all usually raise their children alone. Japans birth rate is so low their population is shrinking. This same pattern can be seen starting all over the world in developed countries. Fundamentally it is a good thing, at >7 billion people and growing by 2.6 people ever second, the last thing we humans need to do is breed.


  21. An attempt to describe a 4th dimensional geometric object like a hypercube/tesseract is limited to a representation involving distorted features that do not accurately present the object as it is in 4D. People simply can’t see in 4 dimensions and while it is known through mathematics what’s involved in 4D dynamics, we will never arrive at a point where it can be visualized without distortion.

    Similarly MGTOW has the same effect for feminists and others unable to observe it without distortion. One of the distortions and one often used by feminists and others of similar sentiment is the “They only bash women online.” conclusion. Which is then utilized to invalid those who choose to embrace MGTOW. Certainly its comforting to some women who dismiss them by defaulting to the usual arsenal of belittling attacks, mocking condescension, and typical screeds appointing associations with the pathetic, loser status, and of course misogyny.

    Yet, feminists and apparently uncouth Marie gives an impression that her remarks about men who embrace MGTOW haven’t heard the kind of derisive commentary about themselves before. Its unlikely anyone moving towards MGTOW haven’t already heard, more often than not all of the hateful, mocking shrill, shrieking insults, character assassination and brutal dismissals from some women and surely from those similar to Uncouth Marie.

    But like the distortions of a 3d representation of a 4D tesseract, there are a lot of facets that simply will not be visible to feminists and most women. And that facet is called male lived experiences. Typically feminists have become accustomed to TELLING men how, why and what we feel, think, believe and perceive about gender, politics, economics aesthetics morality and ethics etc… Seldom do they ASK us. For instance, if a growing number of men use social media or YOUTUBE to explore shared experiences with bad marriages and relationships where anger is expressed within an informal forum external to academic or journalistic propriety, Feminists react by saying, “They’re sexist misogynists.” And of course these informal shared experiences where anger at one or more women is expressed sometimes harshly is used as the formal absolute statement defining the entirety of a man’s MGTOW experience.

    For several decades, feminists have had a monopoly on virtually all gender discourse and as a result, feminists have contributed a rather one-sided gender narrative into the social consciousness that has influenced how some legislation, policies and laws are shaped, which increase entitlements for many western women often at the expense of men. Only recently a few men, some in groups and organizations, some independently have begun challenging the present feminist gender narratives and recognize nothing of themselves and other men within the general negative associations frequent within most feminist discourse when men and male identity is a subject.

    MGTOW emerges as one of several aspects of gender re-evaluation that has gradually rejected the feminist narrative, lies, distortions and and massive hypocrisies feminists on average and most western women in general refuse to contemplate, address, self-reflect or internally examine. Unlike most other ideologies offering philosophical principles to justify its validity, feminism as an ideology is not tolerant of any examination that threatens to highlight major distinctions between its stated theory (equality) and its observable practice, (female gender entitlement.)

    The basic methodology of feminist, when confronted with external examination of its ideology as it’s practiced, is to simply default to claims of misogyny, racism, sexism and other similar claims, In contemporary terms feminist throw around accusations of misogyny so frivolously that roughly 98% of men feminist call misogynists really aren’t. But like calling a person a racist for expressing a different view that is legitimate within appropriate contexts, the point is to deflect from the actual original subject and make the discourse about something completely different that has nothing to do with what was once discussed.

    At a certain point, it becomes a complete waste of time attempting to enter balanced discourse with feminists since most are entrenched in absolutist ideologies that has evolved into rigid dogmatic principles whose concept of themselves is closer to a self-righteous collective with a conviction that it and only it is qualified to define and determine morality and ethics for all and everything.

    MGTOW is not existing to seek validation from feminists or Uncouth Marie. MGTOW isn’t concerned about appeasing feminists standards for what they think should or shouldn’t be the proper way to discuss men’s issues. MGTOW has no interests in ingratiating feminists or most western women’s social paradigms concerning relationships from a zero sum principle. And no MGTOW is particularly motivated to change a feminist’s or western woman’s mind about the problems men have in certain aspects of men’s lives for the sake of achieving empathy or sympathy.

    What most MGTOW concern themselves with is taking a good honest look at the systems, institutions and social dynamics that impact his individual life and assessing honestly if those elements contribute or diminish the value of his life. Self determination is a form of taking personal responsibility, and for MGTOW that responsibility involves refusing to continue making bad choices and decisions that contribute to highly probable problems later in life. Unlike feminism that seeks a society where women are exempt from personal responsibility, accountability and consequence, (just blame an individual man or collectively called patriarchy) MGTOW realize they have to be responsible for their lives and orient it to a way that maximizes that potential for personal happiness. Under the present system the paradigm simply does compute that relationships with western women generally speaking contributes to the wellbeing of many men. So it makes sense to limit interactions, emotional investment and involvement in institutions like marriage and cohabitation that is open in its contempt for men, fathers and male identity. For some MGTOW even dating no longer has appeal. And that’s the point. Appeal.

    For a very long time,most western women have been led to believe (usually by feminists) that men cannot possibly live without women, specifically in terms of sex. So many western women feel they can treat men any way they want, safe in the belief that nothing is ever their fault. Any abuse and mistreatment of men by women is overlooked by defaulting to rationales correlating the gender of the oppressor, so-called, cannot be harmed by the (so-called) oppressed. It’s easy to treat slaves inhumanely if you truly believe the slave has no other options other than the few its owner allows. And from the point of view of the slave owner no slave can ever be perceived as having a justified reason for wanting off the plantation. Similarly, most western women cannot perceive men as ever having legitimate reasons to opt out of relationships with women. It never occurs to them, like the slave owner, that they can become so entitled, so unreasonable and so abusive that even the most appealing thing like sex or aesthetics or interactions with them can become so completely all cost no benefit that it’s just not worth continuing.

    MGTOW aren’t boycotting women in the hopes that their absence will prompt some sort of return to an improbably golden age of easy sex and 1950’s version of male dominance. The point of learning the means of improving the quality of one’s life isn’t to return to something, it’s to evolve from something in a way meaningful to the individual. If on the way to self-improvement one of the early stages is anger about how one was treated in a relationship, or with the courts, that anger however crudely expressed is justified in the face of injustice. Later that anger will have no underpinning to continue when the source feeding anger and pathology leading to self destructive decisions and choices is not pursued.


  22. Women breadwinners in almost half of households based on a study of 2500 women what stupidness, What it doesn’t tell you is most women who are breadwinners are single mothers living on their own with kids in poverty and that in married couples men are still the breadwinner 85% of the time and men are 80% of the people paying spousal alimony for lazy women and women initiate 70% of divorces and women work less hours look at pew research and you will see I am correct. So Mgtow appear to be right and you wrong why should men marry women and end up paying spousal support,child support,work far longer hours, later retirement etc makes no sense. All of your other statistics of wrong as well women cheat far more,cannot parallel park, do the majority of house work and child care because they work less hours and are far more likely to be stay at home parent and Buddhist monks have the longest life expectancy of any men, And women do get more college degrees but most of them are in useless fields like liberal arts and gender studies Meanwhile men dominate most of the fields that matter like science, statistics, engineering, mathematics, technology and economics etc So my guess is you will end up a single mother or a childless bitter lonely cunt.


    • Within a modern society more concerned with pointing out every negative associated trait with men and absolutely none associated with women, an entrenched narrative has continued whereby reactionary assessment of why men do one thing or another that doesn’t conform to societal demands and expectations shaping the value of men on the basis of accepting as obligation and duty, existence as a sacrificial appliance wholly deferential to women, while further accepting and expecting (and in many cases insisting) no equitable repricosity, is treated as evidence of psychological psychosis.

      And according to the writer of the above article, apparently women are free to “bitch about men” but if men express any form or antipathy towards women it automatically invalidates a reason to align with MGTOW.

      For example as an analogy. “I don’t see why you slaves complain of my plantation and bitch about men and my people, don’t you know if you know your place and obey and accept your station in the racial hierarchy, you’ll live longer? The fact that you don’t like the institution of slavery if proof your minds are not sufficiently evolved enough to know what’s best for you.”


  23. vernansacher says:

    Each side has its own ups and downs. We should not blame either,
    If some people think they can live happily “hating” women let them be, as long as they do not infect other people with their hate. Men have their powers and women have theirs. There should be no bias.

    That being said, I follow the MGTOW philosophy because in spite of the negativities, the bright side of it actually is quite helpful for men; it inspires you to make our lives better. Some people aren’t born for marriage or relationships, and some of them do not want to spend their lives playing video games and spreading hate speech. What do they do? They follow a life where they shed all their negativities, focus on their positivities and try to lead a good life.

    Its just my take; if you take away the hatred part, its actually a very good saviour for the loser-type people like myself; it prevents us from making stupid decision like Elliot Rodgers did. For that, I am glad there exists something like MGTOW.


    • I think it’s helpful as a MGTOW to declare one’s own standards for their worth and value, independent of the current paradigm that establishes the parameters of what is deemed a “loser” or “loser type.” for far too long western men have allowed themselves to succumb to zero sum principles created by most western women.Once a man realizes he no longer needs the validation of women to define his value and self worth, most of the resentments, and bitterness that underpin his anger that sometimes result in hate speech. When MGTOW deny women and feminist access to his emotional core, it takes away a considerable amount of power from them, power that they would generally use to manipulate or exploit the emotional self esteem of that man. one of the things that make MGTOW so frustrating for feminists is the slow gradual realization that they no longer create the conditions or drive the over 30 year misandric anti-male narrative that imposes ideas that men can’t live happily without unnecessary interactions with women. Also they hate it because a MGTOW does have the potential power to influence other men to become increasingly proactive in the betterment and quality of their lives without depending on feminists to finally acknowledge his humanity.

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  24. Hahaha,Your are Just a fucking feminazi,whats your problem?Are you Crying for Hillary lost the world war 3?go jump naked in the plaza and piss on the statues,you like the other lesbian loosers that cant find nice girlfriends,your problem is all about the belly s below,is stupid,and worse,brainwashed by communist ideas from people like George Soros,a jew facist opressor former communist from Hungary,that are paying stupid people to distort social justice,and make them in extremism and chaos,just like the extreme right wing,that i consider themselves other infitrated red moles,Freedom is follow the law,and make the good for the community,make real justice,fight for right and lucid civil rights.And about Forrest Gump s Jenny,you loose the battle,this type of charachter loose the battle,you know what?because she is a sociopath,a selfish stupid miserable looser and a zero on her whole life,does not matter the money that she earns,she is looks like one stupid slut that i knew in the college,that the real life fucked her so hard o her face,that she deserved,and now she is frozing in Finland,like a prisioner in a soviet gulag,a cold,grey,like a prison without walls,she got all she deserved for friendzoned me,now i have a lotsa of girfriends,because she is just a fucking looser and i hope she dies like a dead dog.


  25. Tommi R says:

    Men should be aware of the facts. How women are, their manipulation tactics etc. But just don’t spend all your time on an anonymous online forum bitching about women. It just makes you angrier.


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